Corporate Governance

Al Aman Investment K.P.S.C believes that its corporate governance system complies with the relevant legislations including, Resolution No. (72) of 2015 on the issuance of the Executive Regulations of Law No. 7 of 2010 on the establishment of the Capital Market Authority and the Regulation of Securities Activity and their amendments - the 15th Volume on Corporate Governance and Corporate Law No. (1) of 2016 and its Executive Regulations. 

The Company is committed to comply with all relevant laws and regulations, especially with regard to governance and its applications. The Company is also committed to updating its internal policies and regulations in a manner reflecting the updates of relevant laws and regulations. 

The Company asserts that its commitment to implement sound corporate governance standards and consider them as important part of the Company’s culture is a vital factor for improving customer confidence, reducing business risk, as well as enhancing transparency and disclosure. 

The Company’s governance controls are defined by a set of policies, procedures and conventions guides adopted by the Board of Directors through which the regulatory framework for governance is defined in accordance with the rules issued under the 15th Module on Corporate Governance referred to above.

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