GCC MID CAP Portfolio

"Only those who look closely are able to unearth this market potential"

An Equity portfolio with a top-down market approach of select sectors in the GCC market that has growth prospects and story to sustain for a longer run. After identifying the Markets, and Sectors, the portfolio manager then follow a bottoms up method to hand pick individual stocks that have attractive dividend strategy, growth drive, and a sustainable business model that is adaptive and strong, ready or has a proven track record, to adjust to seismic shocks.

The portfolio though absolute in nature, does aim to beat the market on a yearly basis. The investable universe is extensively scanned on a weekly basis for trend shift, and to identify the same at the right time. Suitable for investors with a mid to long term investment horizon.

GCC Mid Cap Portfolio Fact Sheet-Nov 2019
GCC Mid Cap Portfolio Fact Sheet-Oct 2019

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